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Nel Aerts

NICC is pleased to present a new self portrait painting work and video action piece by artist Nel Aerts (b.1987 lives and works in Antwerp) in its window vitrine space. Aerts' uncanny paintings depict shapes and forms that are at once familiar—a face, a rounded doorway, a swaying curtain—and at the same time wholly peculiar. For the NICC vitrine, the artist will reproduce her signature contours in a quick, monochromatic style on the unlikely canvas of the gallery window. Further, she will document the act of painting the gallery window in film, which will be projected from the inside of the space onto the window so the painting and the film will come together on the window at night. The painted glass work will dwell more on the action of painting than on the content of the painting itself. Here, Aerts considers painting as both a process of making and as a finished product.

Passersby will encounter the artist’s works differently based on the time of day. While it is light out, passersby will see the painting on the window, while at night passersby you will see the looping film projection. Aerts, however, will nevertheless appear in both the painting and in the film, a shadowy form reflected in stillness and movement.