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NICC is a non-profit artists initiative run by and for artists, it is founded by professional visual artists in order to advocate their rights. Our aim is to set up a qualitative social framework within which the autonomous artistic practice can develop professionally.

NICC functions as a mediator between the artists and the government, art organizations, and other actors in the cultural field. In addition to a program of social actions, reflection, and research, the NICC presents an artistic program of lectures, exhibitions, symposiums, and presentations on contemporary professional practice.

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NL: Ons eerste project in de nieuwe ruimte (Kleine Markt 7-9 2000 Antwerpen) is een doorlopende videoinstallatie: ARTISTS @ WORK, met een livestream van kunstenaarsateliers. Zo verbinden we het maakproces met presentatie, of eerder, brengen we het onzichtbare werk onder de aandacht. Uiteraard zijn de deelnemende kunstenaars vrij in het idee van hun livestream.

EN: Our first project in the new space (Kleine Markt 7-9 2000 Antwerp) is a continuous video installation: ARTISTS @ WORK, with a live stream of artist studios. In this way we connect the creative process with presentation, or rather, we bring the invisible work to the attention of the public. Naturally, the participating artists are free to choose the idea of their livestream.

Artists: Maria Blondeel, Pierre Mertens, Helena Jonsdottir, Willem Vermeersch, Segolene Kan, Aäron Willem, Johanna Van Overmeir, Messieurs Delmotte, HUGO, Elio Ticca, Shoshana walfish, Anyuta Wiazemsky Snauwaert, Anna Burvenich, Zena Van den Block, Nele Tas, Süsse Svenks, Cel Crabeels, carolyn spaenjaers, Pieter De Clercq, Jelle Spruyt, Reinhard Doubrawa, Dobrynov Sergey, Natalie Arsenow, Carola Björk, Gitte Le Bruyn, christof pandelaers, Helena Barbagelata, Miljan Vukicevic, Anna Rudolf, Caroline Mead, David Bergé, Lise Bos, Linde Dumolein, Christine Swintak, Rien Schellemans, Johannes Obers, lo bil, Charlotte De Cock, Lieven Segers, Valerie Prinz, Andrew Meechan, Beau Coleman

Photo: Cel Crabeels

May 26th
Pierre Mertens
Maria Blondeel
Helena Jonsdottir
Willem Vermeersch
Segolene Kan
Aäron Willem
Johanna Van Overmeir & Messieurs Delmotte 
Elio Ticca 
Shoshana Walfish
Anyuta Wiazemsky Snauwaert and Anna Burvenich
Johannes Obers
Valerie Prinz
Unveiling Magpies
Beau Coleman

May 27th
Zena Van den Block
Süsse Svenks 
Cel Crabeels 
Carolyn Spaenjaers 
Pieter "PTR" De Clercq
Pierre Mertens
Jelle Spruyt
Anyuta Wiazemsky Snauwaert and Anna Burvenich
Reinhard Doubrawa 

May 28th
Natalie Arsenow
Anyuta Wiazemsky Snauwaert and Anna Burvenich
Carola Björk
Gitte Le Bruyn
Christof Pandelaers
Helena Barbagelata
Miljan Vukicevic
Anna Rudolf 
Caroline "Heady" Mead
Sergey Dobrynov

May 29th
David Bergé
Lise Bos
Linde Dumolein
Christine Swintak
Rien Schellemans
Johannes Obers
Lo Bil
Charlotte De Cock
Lieven Segers