Trilogie Humaine

10.05.2014 - 30.06.2014

Niklaus Rüegg

Niklaus Rüegg will be presenting a scale model that reveals the corner of a living room. The installation looks like proportional chaos; the walls seem immense while focusing on the living room, which in its turn virtually disappears while glancing at the whole. There are theatre curtains on both sides of the display window. The idea originates from the title of a book by Elias Canetti, “Die Provinz des Menschen”.

Niklaus Rüegg works and lives in Zürich. Between 2008-2009 he studied at the HISK in Ghent. His work is about autopoietic selfanalysis and the entire work of Carl Barks, whose oeuvre has been an inspiration for many years, in order to create the idea of the perfect paradox. He is still in search of a biographer. His new book “HOBBY UND WAHRHEIT” is released and will also be presented at the opening. (ISBN 978-3-03746-169-3)

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