Pollination. Pansies.

05.12.2015 - 24.01.2016

Kjersti G. Andvig, Guy Hocquenghem & Lionel Soukaz, Huseyin Oylum, Susana Vargas

Pollination. Pansies.

SAT. 5.DEC.15

Artist talks and film screening

Susana Vargas, Queer Pigmentocracy (5 pm)

Kjersti G. Andvig, Aryan V Ancient  (6 pm)

Lionel Soukaz, introducing Race d’Ep! (7 pm)

Guy Hocquenghem & Lionel Soukaz, Race d’Ep!, 1979 (8 pm)

5.DEC.15 – 24.JAN.16


Huseyin Oylum

We were walking in Brussels when a comrade started comparing, “There! Those straight teens are just like cows. They act like animals towards their companions.” I said, “You are profoundly inaccurate. They aren’t eating grass!” I felt an urge to further illustrate my thinking and I explained that they could hardly digest any grass with one single stomach.

Pollination. Pansies. intents to tell one faggot story that comprehends some herstories, all of them beautifully counter-normative. These pansies here, given the intersectionality of forms of oppression that cross within one’s body (rage, gender, class, sexual orientation, religion, etc.), react against the present times of heterenormalisation of the homosexual ideology – see, homonormalisation –, that settles down the gay-white-western-male-consumer privilege. This is one alliance for otherness: other than policed privilegism.

In 1971, the activist who most often speaks in Carole Roussopoulos’ documentary Le F.H.A.R. (Front homosexuel d’action révolutionnaire), is sitting on the ground in the middle of an assembly meeting and warns us about the “hétéro-flics” and “homo-flics”:

« Il est évident que il n’est pas question de recruter tous les homosexuels sans distinction. Que nous ayons parmi nous, de même qu’il y a des hétéro-flics, des homo-flics réformistes, pas question ! L’adaptation, nous n’en voulons pas ».

(“Obviously, there is no reason to recruit all homosexuals without distinction. No way we’ll have among us any reformist homo-cops, as there are hetero-cops everywhere else. Assimilation? No, thank you!”)

Dollar-cops, Euro-cops, flag-cops, health-cops, hetero-cops, History-cops, homo-cops, job-cops, mama-cops, papa-cops, passport-cops, phallus-cops, white-cops et al.; please meet CAConrad:

“From Walnut & Broad St. to Walnut & 19th I stopped for every security camera. Philadelphia watches us always, FUCK YOU WATCHING US ALWAYS!! Several cameras in one block, I took notes, it was noon it was twelve just as I wanted it to be. I took notes for the poem, notes notes notes.

A little basket of edible flowers: nasturtiums, roses, pansies, I eat pansies, I LOVE pansies, they’re delicious buttery purple lettuce!! At each security camera I paused, looked into the camera, DIRECTLY IN THERE, and stuck my tongue inside a flower. Flicked it in and out, in and out, flicking, licking, suckling blossoms. A security guard asked, “What the fuck are YOU DOING?” I replied, “I’M A POLLINATOR, I’M A POLLINATOR!!” I allowed myself to say only this for the duration of the security camera pollination application, “I’M A POLLINATOR, I’M A POLLINATOR!!” I took notes, took many notes, and the notes became a poem titled, “I WANT TO DO EVERY / THING WRONG JUST ONCE.” – (CAConrad, “SECURITY CAMERAS AND FLOWERS DREAMING THE ELEVATION ALLEGIANCE” in: Ecodeviance: (Soma)tics for The Future Wilderness (Seattle: Wave Books, 2014), p. 23)

Pollination. Pansies. is a project curated by Alberto García del Castillo.

This project is realised with the support of Service Culturel de l’Ambassade de France en Belgique and the Royal Embassy of Norway in Belgium.

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