Nick Lodgers

01.06.2019 - 01.06.2020

Is it possible for artists to operate autonomously within an institutional framework?

This question led the M HKA to collaborate with Nick Lodgers in order to give space to artists to program exhibitions and lectures under the roof of the museum.
Nick Lodgers is occupying the top floor of the M HKA during the period of one year. (2019-2020) organizing 5 exhibitions and 6 artist talks.

Uit Beleefdheid, the first show that Nick Lodgers is hosting, will be an introductory exhibition in which the team of the NICC will be presenting themselves through their artistic practices. Underlining different aspects of the artistic positions within the (art)world, in a way this poly- caco group show is mirroring the various points of view and the divers backgrounds the artists are coming from in which the individualistic conviction on the artistry is represented.
What is wrong with a self portrait!

After this introduction we will create a place to address social content reflecting on some embedded social structures that artists are confronted with. Challenging the hierarchy within artistic institutions by suggesting alternative points of view and opening up a dialogue. This dialogue will unfold itself trough the exhibitions and artist talks, which will be programmed through out the upcoming year.

Nick Lodgers, June 2019.